The Paul MUYLAERT law firm specializes in insurance and liability law. Over the past ten years, we processed a steadily growing number of cases of increasing complexity.

Our specializations include: construction lawproduct liability and recalltraffic lawprofessional liability and reinsurance.

Our law firm provides advice to many insurers and reinsurers in Belgium and abroad. We have been involved in settling disputes relating to major international disasters.

A substantial part of our activities centers on medical malpractice. Over the years, we have acquired a sound reputation in this field and we advise hospitals and physicians and their respective insurers.


Liability law

The legal team has expertise in civil and criminal liability, both contractual and extra-contractual, , both personal or vicarious liability, as well as in product liability.

We handle cases concerning:

  • Professional liability (lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, brokers, etc.)
  • Construction liability
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Personal accidents
  • Criminal defence, including in front of investigating and trial courts.

Contract law

The lawyers at the Paul Muylaert law firm have expertise in contract law, from drafting and negotiating contracts to enforcement in the event of litigation.

Personal injury assessment

The legal team has expertise in personal injury assessment. We will support you throughout your case, whether you have a claim as a result of a road traffic accident, a medical accident, a fall or any other event likely to cause harm. We act in amicable negotiations, in court proceedings and also in expert appraisals to assess the harm you have been caused.

Insurance and reinsurance law

The Paul Muylaert firm is a leading name in insurance law. We represent insurers, policyholders and insurance intermediaries and we also advise injured parties on these matters.

We handle cases concerning liability insurance (professional liability, operating liability, motor liability, private life liability, product liability, etc.) but we can also assist with other areas of insurance (cost insurance, comprehensive worksite insurance, property and personal insurance, reinsurance, etc.).

Our legal team has a thorough knowledge of insurance techniques and regulations and will support you in legal proceedings before the courts or arbitral tribunals.

As a founding member of the Insuralex network, which brings together law firms that specialise in insurance law in more than 40 countries, the Paul Muylaert firm is also a major international player.

Health law

The Paul Muylaert law firm has extensive experience in health law as it regularly advises numerous hospitals and doctors in Belgium. We act in medical liability disputes, disciplinary conflicts, problems related to doctor-patient confidentiality and whenever ethical and/or bioethical questions arise.

We represent our clients in mediation, amicable negotiations and legal proceedings; we also act before the Medical Accident Fund and in expert appraisals, whether amicable or court-ordered.

Our firm contributes to articles on the subject and regularly provides training courses on new developments in medical law.

Road traffic law

The lawyers at the Paul Muylaert firm regularly represent clients before the police and criminal courts in relation to road traffic offences, motoring offences, and for civil claims.

Construction law

The Paul Muylaert firm represents the various parties involved in the construction process (contractors, architects, owners, safety coordinators, engineers, etc.), both in civil and criminal proceedings. We regularly take part in expert appraisals to determine possible liability. We assist our clients in the settlement of their litigation.