1. Fees

Fees cover all the services provided by the lawyer.

As a general rule, they are calculated on the basis of an hourly rate which depends on the complexity of the case, the client’s financial capabilities, the degree of urgency and the financial implications of the case.

The hourly rate is set either when taking on the case or after an initial assessment of the case.

As a guideline, the hourly rate of a lawyer varies between €175 and €350, excluding VAT.

In the event of regular business, exemptions can be negotiated.

2. Expenses

Expenses are calculated as follows, independently of fees:

  • opening and archiving a case: €60, excluding VAT
  • typed page (letters, court documents, etc.): €12, excluding VAT
  • preparing a court file: €50, excluding VAT
  • travel expenses: €0.60/km, excluding VAT
  • photocopied or printed page: €0.30, excluding VAT
  • accounting management fees for the case: €50, excluding VAT

When warranted and with the client’s agreement, the aforementioned expenses may be calculated on a flat-rate basis, corresponding to 15% of the total amount of the fees.

3. Disbursements

Bailiffs’ costs are paid directly by the client or passed on to the client.

In most cases, the costs of expert opinions, technical advice and the costs and fees of foreign associates are paid by the client.

However, the Paul Muylaert law firm advances other administrative costs, such as court fees, registered mail costs and taxi costs. The client agrees to reimburse these costs on request.

4. Advances and interim statements

An advance on costs and fees may be requested when taking on the case.

Interim statements of costs and fees may be sent at regular intervals

5. Limitation of liability

The professional liability of Me Paul Muylaert and the members of the law firm, whatever their position, is limited to the amount covered by the professional liability insurance policies taken out by the law firm.